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Cycle of Conferences: “Other protagonists of the Spanish Transition: the radical left and social movements”

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the general elections of June 1977. These elections, as well as the latter 1978 Constitution, took place after a long dark period which included a coup d’état, a civil war and a dictatorship (1936-1976)

The so called “Democratic Transition” has been glorified by the State institutions, by the mass media,and by many academic institutions… The official account of the period between 1976 and 1982 has become a tale which outlines a view of “generous” institutions and State devices, of professional politicians with a wide “social and historical sensibility” and of many “root democrats” who made a Copernican turn in their political and social ties.

This institutionalized view leaves aside other voices and protagonists which, from antifrancoist positions, went further in their proposals for a new society. More than a change of régime they sought a change of system.

Rendering invisible, all those people’s fights and actions that contributed fundamentally to social change and to put pressure on the antique Francoist regime and its successors, to conquer spaces and moments of dignity and improvement of life and working conditions.

The dissatisfaction that was expressed during that period against the social and political agreement, the silence about dictatorship atrocities and the persistence of a predator capitalist system, has manifested recently against the consequences of a status quo rooted in the period of Transition.

That criticism, which is not new but has been despised and silenced for more than 40 years, is reappearing with new investigations, thesis, research papers in high schools, novels, theatre plays, expositions, etc.

The Salvador Seguí Foundation, wants to contribute to this historic recovery from the basis and , especially, from the radical left and the social movements of that period.

In this respect, the Salvador Seguí Foundation together with the Oral History Association and the Department of Poltical Sciences and Administration II of the Complutense University organized a Congress in Madrid last 24th to 26th of February, in which more than 120 papers were presented.

Now, from the 26th to the 30th of September in Barcelona, the Salvador Seguí Foundation of Catalonia (with the collaboration of CGT and the library Ignasi Iglesias-Can Fabra), invites you to a Cycle of Conferences in which we will give voice to the protagonists of the radical left and the social movements of that time, who were activists in the workers struggle, in education, in the neighborhoods and cultural associations, in the alternative media and counter-culture, in feminism, gay liberation and in the social movements.

Within these Conferences we will not be able to cover all the alternative voices and positions, however, we want to initiate an irreversible path to contribute to the recovery of the visibility, dignity and acknowledgement of other alternative accounts of the period of Transition.

Barcelona, July 2017

Presentation of the Conferences